Past Projects

International Women's House

In 1995, JLD recognized a need for a shelter to serve battered women and children of all nationalities, supported by a multi-cultural, multi-lingual staff.  Thus,  in collaboration with a coalition of refugee and mainstream social service providers, JLD established a shelter known as the International Women's House (IWH).   In 1999, with the full support and encouragement of the League, IWH became autonomous and attained its own 501(c)3 status. JLD remains actively involved in IWH via the IWH Committee as well as the number of actives and sustainers that serve on IWH's Board and Capital Campaign committees.

Day League  (formerly DeKalb Rape Crisis Center)

In 1989, JLD created the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center, the first of its kind in DeKalb County.   The DeKalb Rape Crisis Center is a non-profit agency that assists youth and adult survivors of rape and sexual assault and their loved ones in the DeKalb County community. DRCC helps medical personnel in the delivery of health care needed as a result of these crimes; provides counseling toward healing the emotional trauma experienced by a victim of sexual assault; helps survivors through the investigation and court stages of the legal resolution of these crimes; and educates the general public on sexual assault crimes and their prevention.

"The longer you keep it to yourself, the harder it is to make it go away." 

DRCC provides direct services, prevention education, and advocacy for youth and adult survivors of sexual assault, their families and the community as a whole. DRCC helps survivors of sexual violence forge a new beginning, not only to survive their ordeal, but also to become strengthened by it. DRCC is the only agency in DeKalb County offering these services, and all services are free of charge.

Holiday / Angel Tree

The Holiday/Angel Tree program served the children at Turning Point Homes. Birthday parties were held every other month to celebrate the children's birthdays for the month and the prior month. The committee also coordinated the Angel Tree that helped provide Christmas presents for the children at Turning Point and women and children at International Women's House. 

A Space of My Own

(A Space) was the signature project of the Junior League of DeKalb County (JLD) until early 2011.  A Space began in 2002 as a JLD placement that provided twin size bedding, radio alarm clocks and various supplies to children residing in designated DeKalb County foster care shelters. The goal of the project was to provide children in the foster care system, who may be moved around to a number of different homes or facilities, with their own possessions that will become familiar and comfortable to them, and that they can take as they move to other locations.

JLD served more than 500 foster children who shopped at A Space. 

Mini Grants

Each year, the Junior League of DeKalb County awards local teachers with small grants for supplemental classroom projects designed to give hands-on interaction and education to DeKalb students. As we shift our focus to the growing concern of childhood obesity in our county, we asked teachers to submit projects that could help address this concern and educate families on the need for healthy living. In Fall 2011, Junior League of DeKalb County awarded Mini Grants for Excellence in Teaching to 11 worthy DeKalb County School programs, all designed to educate students on the importance of nutrition and fitness. 

Additionally, As a result of our selection process, we are thrilled to have found a partner in Livsey Elementary School for this year’s Community Development project. A.L.E.R.T.: Amazing Livsey Elementary Race in Tucker invites Livsey students and their families to participate in an Amazing Race™- style event in downtown Tucker. Participants will score points by visiting as many checkpoints as possible where they will participate in a fitness activity or have their knowledge about healthy food choices tested. The Junior League of DeKalb County is proud to be the key sponsor for this event.  We will provide volunteers and other resources, host our own checkpoint and conduct a Kids In the Kitchen demonstration that will educate the audience on how preparing healthy snacks can be a simple, tasty alternative with health benefits.

Kids In The Kitchen 

Kids in the Kitchen (KITK) is an Association of Junior League International (AJLI) initiative that aims to educate kids and parents about the rising prevalence of childhood obesity in the US.  The initiative is grounded in the belief that children (and families) empowered with the knowledge of how to feed and exercise their bodies will be less likely to become obese and subsequently suffer many associated health risks.

JLD provided lessons and demonstrations in the preparation of healthy meals and snacks in partnership with local organizations, chefs and nutritionists. JLD worked with groups such as Tea Cup Girls, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and International Women's House to address hunger, fitness, gardening and life skills.