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Junior League of DeKalb County Participates in 7th Annual Little Black Dress Initiative


Georgia has one of the highest poverty rates for children in the United States at around 25%. In DeKalb County, that number is even higher than the state average with around 28% of DeKalb County children living in poverty. Research has shown that children from low-income families are at a higher risk of entering school with poor language skills compared to more privileged students and on average, they score two years behind on standardized language development tests. Furthermore, children living in poverty have more difficulty understanding abstract language and possess lower reading and writing skills, which increases the odds that the child will drop out of school in the future.

The Junior League of DeKalb County will participate in the 7th annual Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI).  By leveraging the iconic "Little Black Dress" and participants' social media channels, we will shine a spotlight on the issues surrounding poverty and the limits poverty can place on access to books, early reading and language development, and long-term academic achievement of the children in DeKalb County. The campaign will run from March 6-10, 2023 and we are asking members and community partners to wear the same black dress for the entire week with a pin that says, "Ask Me About My Dress," to spark conversation and spread awareness of the initiative and its objectives. 

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Visit our donation page to give to the campaign, visit this site https://jldlbdi.causevox.com


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Join the LBDI Campaign as an Advocate. Simply visit the campaign page on Causevox (https://jldlbdi.causevox.com) donation page and click on the  "Join the Campaign" button to sign up,



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We have been developing the potential of women leaders, serving the DeKalb County community, and promoting voluntarism for over 80 years!  Our membership is made up of wonderful women from all stages of life.  We would love for you to join us! 

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The JLD Annual Fund directly supports our mission by funding our community projects, advocacy activities, community outreach efforts, and membership training.  Your donation will make an immediate and tangible impact on our success in serving the DeKalb County community and changing lives.

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JLD's Community Impact


In 2018, JLD pioneered the DeKalb Saturday Scholar Initiative to provide extra support with reading and language skills to 3rd-5th graders at Oak View Elementary.


JLD members assist multiple DeKalb County organizations such as the International Women's House, DeKalb Library Foundation, the Women's Resource Center, Clarkston Community Center, and more.


JLD mentors middle school girls at the Jones Club in Decatur.


JLD collaborates with the other 12 Georgia Junior Leagues to advocate for women and children in Georgia.

Are you interested in working with elementary school students to improve their early reading and language skills?  Or mentoring middle school girls?  What about helping with voter education and registration?  Or advocating for women and children?  If so, we have volunteer opportunities for you!